PolyEnergyNet aims at the research, exemplary realization and piloting of resilient local networks, involving multiple energy forms. These networks are characterized by a robust operation, which can react both to the volatility of the feed-in of decentralized renewable energy sources as well as to unforeseeable events up to cyber attacks. The main interest is the creation and use of a new information infrastructure that allows emergency operations to be maintained within a local area network, even during critical grid conditions, or to cut off parts until reintegration is possible. PolyEnergyNet’s basic approach is the construction of a holistic system in which parts of different types and sizes are independent of others and thus the whole thing is tolerant to dysfunction of its parts. PolyEnergyNet considers the energy supply of a location as a holistic system, which is built up from subsystems. In each subsystem, data is collected and evaluated in real time. On this basis, attacks from the outside or critical states can be quickly recognized, encapsulated and remedied within a very short time. Corresponding questions require close coordination between the planning and operation of the distribution networks and the associated ICT infrastructure. This interdisciplinary task requires a joint effort of industry and research in the field of energy and ICT.


Contact Person: Dr.-Ing. Jörg Baus
Project Management: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Wolfgang Wahlster



Participating Research Departments

  • Intelligent User Interfaces