The “mobisaar – Mobility for all” project aims to make it easier for people with limited mobility in Saarland to use public transport. The services and technologies to be developed in mobisaar will help overcome barriers in public transport and improve the attractiveness of public transport. The project is implemented by nine partners. “mobisaar “builds on the results of the completed project Mobia (mobile to old age). The Mobia service originally offered in Saarbrücken has been adapted to the new mobisaar concept and will be extended in several stages to the entire Saarland. The core elements are services offered by so-called mobility guides combined with a technological application via a smartphone (passenger app, pilot app): The guides help passengers boarding and disembarking and accompany them during the entire journey by bus and train. They can be booked by app, phone or e-mail.


Contact Person: Dr.-Ing. Jan Alexandersson
Project Management: Dr.-Ing. Jan Alexandersson


Participating Research Departments

  • Intelligent User Interfaces