The project demonstrates the potential of LivingLabs in the Green Economy. Within the project, innovations for assistance systems in the key areas of sustainable consumption (“living”, “retail”, “mobility”) are developed. In three German LivingLabs, companies and research organizations create and test new prototypes and business models with specific engagement of users. Furthermore, the INNOLAB project team develops a Roadmap to strengthen the LivingLab Concept in the research and innovation system. The project is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research within the framework program “Research for Sustainable Development” (FONA). The main objectives of the collaborative project are:  The development of a methodology for user integration and sustainability innovation in the Living Lab, to rebound effects and obsolescence. Demonstrating the effectiveness of Living Labs through innovations in assistance systems in the key areas of sustainable consumption “living”, “retail”, “mobility”, and strengthening the LivingLab approach in a research and innovation system of a green economy by way of road mapping as knowledge and actors integrating, case studies and single-cascading, action-guiding method.


Contact Person: Dr. Gerrit Kahl
Project Management: Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger


Participating research departments


  • 2017