High Impact Initiative

EIT Digital Project Smart Retail

EIT Digital Smart Retail is a High Impact Initiative of EIT Digital aimed predominantly at creating solutions for ‘blended retail’, which are based on the Digital Retail Suite (DRS). It is based on omnichannel data and it explores real-time data about consumer purchases and interests collected from different channels. Smart Retail provides a seamless shopping experience anywhere, according to customers’ needs. Omnichannel data is an important source for Smart Retail opportunities; customers are becoming omnichannel in their thinking and behavior. Consumers expect to have a seamless experience in store, as well as anywhere online. The benefits of this project are:
• cloud based services
• in-store analytics
• smart customer interfacing
• tailored shopping experiences
• efficient choices
• increased sales


Dr. Florian DaiberChristian Lander

Participating research departments