BloGPVBlockchain-based distributed large storage for PV system operators

The joint project “BloGPV” focuses on the development of a secure blockchain-based storage network for PV system operators. With the help of existing platform technologies, small house storage systems are combined to form a virtual large-scale storage facility that optimises the power flows between the participants and stabilises the network. The operation of the PV systems should thus also become economical without EEG feed-in compensation. Electricity prices will then no longer have to rise as a result of the further expansion of photovoltaics; the grids will be relieved. The project will thus make a significant contribution to the energy transition. From 2018, year after year, further operators of photovoltaic systems will face the problem that they will no longer be entitled to a guaranteed feed-in compensation. The cross-project objective of the joint project is the development, testing and documentation of sustainable, software- and data-based business models that enable the construction and operation of a distributed large-scale storage facility for decentralised PV systems in the supply area of Stadtwerke Hannover.


Contact: Dr.-Ing. Jörg Baus
Project Management: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Wolfgang Wahlster



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